/A Quick Overview of OpenText TeamSite Web Content Management System

A Quick Overview of OpenText TeamSite Web Content Management System

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Get Quick understanding of OpenText Teamsite Web Content Management System


It's become trivial to maintain your website content with rich and relevant content in order to be ahead in this competitive world. A content management system allows you to quickly author  content and process it through workflows and move it to your webservers. In this course I use my vast experience on TeamSite CMS and explain you the TeamSite Architecture, Templating, Workflow, Opendeploy, LiveSite & TeamSite administration . In the very beginning of the course I have tried to explain you the application of CMS with good examples. Note that this course is a very high level overview of OpenText TeamSite, it's particularly useful for people who wish to understand the TeamSite from a 10000 ft . I have also added the features of TeamSite. Once you run through this course you will be good to take up detailed level course for each section within Team Site .  Once you complete the highlevel course you would be able to start of as a basic developer or administrator of TeamSite and take a deep dive as and when you need more information about any component. We at TECH TALENTS help companies, Managers , Developers in architecting the right solution for your TeamSite & Contentful CMS implementations. Please watch our YouTube channel (TECH TALENTS INDIA) for any further details about CMS systems and associated technical skills.

NOTE: This is a very Highlevel course  For any further details/support regarding TeamSite, please contact me info@techtalents.
** Disclaimer ** -
I do NOT do Live Training. TeamSite is a registered trademark of OpenText in USA and many other countries. I am NOT associated with Opentext.
Opentext TeamSite software and TeamSite GUI are proprietary OpenText software. You can officially get TeamSite Access to practice on TeamSite system from OpenText company.Please google "OpenText TeamSite" and you can find some information for the same.
** End of Disclaimer **

What you will learn

OT TeamSite Web Content Mangement System

A Highlevel Overview of OT TeamSite Architecture, Templating, Workflow, SitePublisher, FormPublisher ,Opendeploy, LiveSite, & TeamSite administration


1. Introduction to Content Management SystemS

3 attachments • 8.57 mins

1.1 What is Content

1.2 Introduction to Content Management System


1.3. Some popular CMS systems


2. OpenText TeamSite Server Introduction

1 attachment • 5 mins

2.1 OpenText TeamSite Server Introduction

3.Teamsite Server Architecture

1 attachment • 2 mins

3.1 Teamsite Architecture

4.TeamSite Content Organization & Data Model

1 attachment • 2 mins

4 TeamSite Content Organization & Data Model

5.TeamSite Workflow

2 attachments • 9.58 mins

TeamSite Workflow

5. Teamsite Workflow

6.TeamSite Interfaces & MetaData Capture

1 attachment • 2 mins

6 Teamsite Interfaces Metadata

7. TeamSite FormsPublisher

1 attachment • 5 mins

TeamSite FormsPublisher

8.TeamSite SitePublisher

1 attachment • 3.82 mins

TeamSite SitePublisher

9.TeamSite OpenDeploy

1 attachment • 2 mins

9 TeamSite OpenDeploy

10.TeamSite LiveSite

1 attachment • 2 mins

10 TeamSite Livesite

11.TeamSite Administration

3 attachments • 6 mins

11.1 Teamsite Administration 1

11.2 Teamsite Administration 2

11.3 Teamsite Administration 3


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